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USB Drive Specifications :

  • USB3.0 High Speed 32GB .
  • Controller: IS903 from TaiWan
  • SLC Flash Chip
  • Transparent Case to read the chip set
  • Speed: Read:220M/s Write:200M/s
  • Write protection and LED W/R Indication
  • Because of using SLC Flash Chip, this USB drive is 3-5 times faster than normal USB3.0 drive.
  • Life Time: 100,000PE (Program and Erase)
  • Suitable for high speed operation and important data storage
  • We can help to install the WinPE with special tools, so that you can backup, restore or repair your system drive 

Information of Flash Chip

  • Today, manufactories are using 3 kinds of flash chip SLC, MLC and TLC to build USB drive and SSD drive.
  • SLC (single layer cell), each cell store only 1 bit data 0 and 1. using two voltage VL and VH for 0 and 1 . MLC (multiple layer cell), each cell store 2 bit of data, 00, 01, 10 and 11. Using 4 different voltage to represent 2 bit of data TLC (triple layer cell), each cell store 3 bit of data 000,001,010,011,100,101,110,111. Using 8 different voltage to represent 3 bit of data.
  • Compare the speed of three different Flash, the read speed is the similar. For MLC, the write speed is 1/2 of the read speed. For TLC, the write speed is 1/3 of read speed.
  • Some of the manufacture, using TLC for their product, but program part of the TLC in SLC mode, to improve the testing figure.
  • For the life time, SLC have 100,000PE (program erase cycle), MLC 3000-10000PE, TLC 500-1000PE.
  • Becasue of high density, the price of SLC Flash is expensive.

Package included :

  • 1x 32GB USB3.0 SLC Flash Drive
  • 1x USB (female) to mini USB Adapter for your mobile phone

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